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GK Quiz 21 Jan 2020

2020-01-21 | 5 minutes

1. Which of the following institutions releases Global Social Mobility Index?

  1. World Economic Forum
  2. International Monetary Fund
  3. World Trade Organisation
  4. World Bank

Ans. A


Global Social Mobility Index is published by the World Economic Forum. It measures the social mobility of the countries across five parameters having 10 indicators. These are:

1. Health- Health includes access, quality, and equity.

2. Education

3. Technology access

4. Work- Work includes opportunities, wages, and conditions.

5. Protection and Institutions- Protection and institutions include social protection and inclusive institutions.

The index provides an opportunity to the countries to identify the areas of improvements in social mobility sphere and promote equal opportunities for all. 

India has been ranked at 76 position out of 82 countries with Denmark topping the list.

India is ranked 3rd among the countries that can gain the most from improved social mobility.

Hence, A is the correct answer.


2. Which of the following correctly describes Xenobots?

  1. Xenobots are the living machines made from the living cells and can move on their own.
  2. These are semi-autonomous machines similar to cobots.
  3. These are the machines made from the pig’s stem cells.
  4. None of the above is true.

Ans. A


Xenobots are tiny robots made from the frog’s embryonic cells. These are living programmable machines that can move. Through supercomputers, the stem cells were shaped into 3-D form and programmed. These are of a size of less than 1 mm and can be used for military purposes, cleaning radioactive waste, collecting microplastic solutions, carrying medicines inside the human body (they have small size and can live in aqueous solutions for days and weeks).

Also, these are more environment-friendly. These come with the stored food in the form of lipids and protein deposits and can survive for around 10 days. In case they are provided with a nutrient-rich environment they can survive longer. The living robots can heal their injuries on their own. However, they can not reproduce or evolve by themselves. Living robots can help in learning about advancement in human health and longevity.

Hence, A is the correct answer.


3. Which of the following statements is true about Kuki people?

  1. They are found all over India except Arunachal Pradesh.
  2. Chang-kut festival is celebrated by them after the rice harvest.
  3. Both A and B
  4. None

Ans. C


Kuki people are found in various Northeastern states except Arunachal Pradesh. Around 50 tribes are Kuki people who have been declared as scheduled tribes. Chang- Kut festival is a festival celebrated by Kukis after the rice harvest.

Hence, C is the correct answer.


4. Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding Financial Action Task Force?

  1. FATF developed the operating standards against money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  2. The headquarters of FATF is housed at the secretariat of OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in Paris.
  3. A country is grey-listed by FATF when it is considered as a haven for money laundering and terror financing.
  4. If a country is blacklisted by FATF, it puts a compulsion on the other countries and various multilateral forums not to deal with the black-listed countries.

Ans. D


The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-governmental body established in 1989 by the Ministers of its Member jurisdictions. The objectives of the FATF are to set standards and promote effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other related threats to the integrity of the international financial system. 

The FATF is, therefore, a “policy-making body” which works to generate the necessary political will to bring about national legislative and regulatory reforms in these areas.The FATF monitors the progress of its members in implementing necessary measures, reviews money laundering and terrorist financing techniques and counter-measures, and promotes the adoption and implementation of appropriate measures globally. (Source: FATF website).

The headquarter of the FATF is at the secretariat of OECD in Paris.

A country can be put in the grey list as a warning if the country is a haven for money laundering and terror financing. If a country is blacklisted then the other countries and institutions like IMF become conscious in dealing with that country. Also, international credit agencies may downgrade that country. However, there are no compulsions on the question of dealing with the blacklisted country.

Hence, D is the correct answer.


5. Which of the following correctly describes the Ranthambore Wildlife Reserve?

  1. It is a Wildlife Sanctuary.
  2. It is a National Park.
  3. It is a Tiger Reserve.
  4. All of the above are true.

Ans. D


Ranthambore National Park is located in Rajasthan. It was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1957 and a Tiger Reserve in 1974. It is known to house various wildlife species like  Indian leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, striped hyena, etc.

Hence, the correct answer is D.