Why Editorial?

Every Civil Service aspirant whether beginner or experienced needs to go through the newspaper daily to keep oneself updated and prepared for the Current Affairs section. Similarly, the editorial part is also important to gain clarity and to understand the in-depth analysis of various issues related to International Relations, Indian Economy, Indian Political System, Culture, Science and Technology, Indian Society, Environment and Climate change, Government policies, etc. The editorial gives an insight to the aspirant to analyze an issue from the viewpoint of various stakeholders.

This analysis helps in the revision of Prelims concepts and brushing up Mains Answer writing skills not only for GS papers but also for Essay paper, Optional Subjects and solving Case studies. So, one would have understood the importance of reading the editorial section in the newspaper. Also, one should not consider the personal views of various writers as final interpretation but should develop an analysis of his own by going through the different articles in the editorial.

Why PendulumIAS Editorial Analysis?

Our experts at PendulumIAS provide a brief summary of the editorial section of THE INDIAN EXPRESS, THE HINDU, LIVEMINT, etc. in which the analysis of related articles is compiled together along with other relevant content. This editorial analysis will help aspirants in complete understanding of the issue, and they will be able to save time by not going through other sources for the same topic. There is also a mains question at the end of the editorial summary related to the topic so that an aspirant could develop an analysis based on his understanding.

Is an alcohol ban necessary during the lockdown? | LIVEMINT

In its 14th April guidelines, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to continue with complete ban on sale of liquor during lockdown period.

The way forward | The Indian express

Due to COVID-19, the government has initially announced lockdown for fifteen days. But, the government has extended lockdown till 3 May

The invisible face of the fallout | The Hindu

Two organizations of UN, UN women and UNHCR have talked about violence against women during corona virus or COVID-19 lockdown.

Institutional fixes and the need for ethical politics | The Hindu

Political crisis in Madhya Pradesh (MP) government recently led to change in government there.

Who’s afraid of the WHO? | The Indian Express

Most of the countries are facing negative impact of coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic on their economy and people. 

Sacking by subterfuge: on removal of AP top election official | The Hindu

Andhra Pradesh (AP) State Election Commissioner (SEC) has recently appealed AP High Court to decide upon the constitutional validity

Farmers are at their wits’ end | The Hindu

Different governments all over the world have announced lockdowns in order to deal with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic 

Opportunity in the crisis | The Indian Express

In order to prevent negative impacts of the outbreak or sudden spread of COVID-19

A bristling peace |The Indian Express

US and Taliban have recently signed an agreement for bringing peace in Afghanistan. As part of the agreement, US and its allies will withdraw their forces from Afghanistan

Online versus offline | The Indian Express

Competition Commission of India has recently ordered an investigation against companies such as MakeMyTrip, Flipkart and Amazon.

Rights or wrong?: On U.N. rights body move against CAA | The Hindu

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has recently announced its plan to file an application before the Supreme

Boosting immunity & A new virus | The Indian Express

New infections of COVID-19 have been recently reported in India.

New forces in orbit | The Indian Express

The involvement of private sector companies and small countries like UAE and Luxembourg in the space sector has rapidly grown in the 21st century.

A big, bad deal: On US-Taliban agreement

On 29th February, the US has signed a peace agreement with the Taliban in Doha.

Regional bonding: On Ranil Wickremesinghe’s prescription for peace

Former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has recently talked about regional economic integration in South Asia and talks between India and Pakistan. He has also proposed an Economic Integration Road Map (EIRM).

Right to due process | The Indian Express

On February 17, Hubli (Hubballi) bar association has decided not to represent and passed a resolution to prevent lawyers from outside from representing three Kashmiri students facing charges of sedition.

When a court pronounces a verdict, without giving reasons

A nine-judge Bench of the Supreme Court has recently passed a non-speaking order, which is defined as an order in which reasons for ruling are not provided.

Drawing closer | The Indian Express

US President, Donald Trump has recently completed his visit to India from 24 February to 25 February. Important outcomes of US

A wider platter | The Indian Express

National Museum, New Delhi and One Station Million Stories (OSMS) have jointly organized Gastronomica-Indus Dining Experience Exhibition. Meat has not been included in the Historical Gastronomica-Indus Dining

Batting for the downtrodden | The Hindu

The Supreme Court has recently ruled against an order of Uttarakhand High Court on quantifiable data showing the representation of SCs in

The missing piece in India’s defence jigsaw puzzle | The Hindu

On 24th and 25th February, US President will visit India and procurement of 24 MH-60R Multi-Role Helicopters (MRH) was recently approved by Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) of India.

A step too far | The Indian Express

On 13th February 2020, the Supreme Court has ordered that political parties should publish details about the crime committed by their candidates for Lok Sabha and assembly elections.

Balance the needs | The Hindu

Government has earlier changed Terms of Reference (ToR) of Fifteenth Finance Commission (FFC) and ToR of FFC were a matter of debates

Six years on, Lokpal is a non-starter | The Hindu

Justice Dilip B. Bhosale, who was one of the four judicial members of Lokpal, has recently resigned from his post.

Liberty at the government’s whim | The Hindu

Recently, Jammu and Kashmir High Court has refused to hear a petition that challenged the detention of the president of the Kashmir Bar Association under Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act of 1978 [PSA].

Her right to choose | The Indian Express

Cabinet has recently approved Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) (Amendment) Bill, 2020 to amend the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (MTP), 1971.

Partners in action The Indian Express

UN climate change summit, 2020 will be jointly hosted by UK and Italy in Glasgow, UK.

India’s civil society moment | The Indian Express

Students and other stakeholders in civil society are continuing their protest against Citizenship Amendment Act for a long time.

Black and grey: On terror funding and Pakistan | The Hindu

Recently, a meeting of the Asia Pacific Joint Group was held in Beijing to scrutinize stricter actions that Pakistan has taken against terror financing and money laundering.

Tax reforms can help revive the economy | The Hindu Business Line

During the third quarter of Financial Year 2019-2020, GDP growth in India decreased to 4.5%, and India is going through an economic slowdown.

Budgeting for jobs, skilling and economic revival | The Hindu

The government will present the Budget for the year 2020- 2021 on 1st February 2020.

Chalk and cheese in private vs. government schools | The Hindu

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER 2019) was recently released.

The world from Raisina | The Indian express

5th edition of Raisina Dialogue is jointly organized from 14-16 January 2020 by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Observer Research Foundation (ORF).

Remote control | The Indian Express

Recently, the Saudi Aramco oil facility in Saudi Arabia was attacked by using drones. This has raised concerns, and the government is making regulations on drones strict.

A work in progress | The Indian Express

Three-judge bench of Supreme Court has recently passed verdict on petitions related with shutdown of Internet and telecom services in Kashmir.

The isolationist view of the progress of knowledge is fundamentally defective | The Indian Express

Mathematics in India and literary works of Kalidasa, Sudraka and other writers flourished almost at the same time. 

A case for including Tulu in the Eighth Schedule | The Hindu

Recently, Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy has proposed a radio station for programmes only in Tulu.