General Studies 3

General Studies 3

First intermediate mass black hole observed

Recently, scientists have discovered GW190521 using the three interferometers. Read the complete article to know more about the discovery, black holes, gravitational waves and much more important for Science and Technology section.

Arms (Amendment) Act, 2019

The Arms (Amendment) Act received the assent of the Indian President on 13 December 2019. This article discusses the major amendments done in Arms Act, 1959 and comprehensive analysis of the act which will be helful in UPSC civil services mains answer writing.

Highlights of Union Budget 2020-21

Do not miss out on the Union Budget 2020-21 that has been announced on 1st February 2020. Read in detail the highlights of this year’s budget as it is important for the exam point of view.

India State of Forest Report 2019

Read the important highlights of India State of Forest Report 2019 to get an insight into the area under forest cover in India and reasons for decline in some parts of India. 

Space Internet

Awareness in the field of IT and Space is an important part of the GS-III syllabus. Read the detailed article on Space Internet to know more about what’s going on in space to ensure internet services to everyone.

Global Credit Ratings

Global Credit Ratings- The three big credit rating agencies remain in news due to the impact of the ratings and outlook assigned by them to the different assets and sovereign nations. A read to this article is must for GS prelims as well as for mains GS-3 Paper.

Chandrayaan-2: India’s First Attempt to Join an Elite Space Club

Chandrayaan-2- A mission through which India aims to become the fourth nation in the world to soft-land on the lunar surface. Indigenization of technology and developing new technology in the fields of IT, Space, Robotics, etc. under the Science and Technology topic of GS-III are significant from the UPSC Prelims and Mains point of view.

Organic Farming

Organic Farming is an environment friendly and sustainable agricultural practice. Read the detailed article to understand various aspects of organic farming and practice well for GS-3 topics related to agriculture.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste is causing environmental pollution and degradation. Learn more about the ill effects of plastic pollution and the national and international efforts made to reduce plastic pollution.