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Civil Services 2020 Mains Practice Questions

2020-01-11 | 1 minute

Main practice question dose pendulumias

Mains Answer Writing is as important as reading the study material for the civil services mains exam. Attempt the given below mains questions based on the current affairs and share your answers to get detailed feedback and prepare better for the UPSC CSE 2020.

  1. Explain Invasive species. Discuss the causes, effects of rising invasive species in India and various measures to tackle their growth.
  2. Analyze the steps taken by India to strengthen its cyber warfare.
  3. India's issues with its neighboring countries show the loopholes left in British India. Comment.
  4. Analyze the effects of conflict-driven West Asia on India.
  5. Analyze the problems of the agriculture sector in India and discuss the effectiveness of the loan waiver scheme in dealing with those issues.
  6. Analyze the demands for separate states on a different basis in India.
  7. Indian languages form the basis of cultural diversity and overall inclusive development. Discuss the statement.
  8. Critically examine the role of the Election Commission in India.
  9. India is still far behind in ensuring the good border security infrastructure. Comment.
  10. NCRB's Annual Crime in India Report 2018 shows that the conviction rate in women’s rape-related cases is lower than the cases charge-sheeted. The situation calls for reforms in a multidimensional way. Elaborate.